Texas Pipe Carvers

Texas Pipe Cravers

Trey Rice  https://www.treyricepipes.com/

Trey Rice is a relative newcomer to the pipe making scene but is making a name for himself in many pipe collector circles. He featured many hand-carved pieces at the 2018 Texas Pipe show and sold out before the show was over.

… I found that the same ideas and thoughts that shape architecture into a building are used to shape a block of briar into a pipe. Form, function, proportion, parti, detailing, and durability all apply equally to both architecture and pipe making. These principles inspire and drive my pipe making philosophy.  Trey Rice


Colin Rigsby http://colinrigsbypipes.com/

Engineering is paramount. I like old things and I like old words. We don’t think of the word “paramount” anymore as meaning “of top importance,” but that’s exactly what I mean when I use it. Sacrificing function for form is not in my toolbox. I choose my designs and shapes to function to peak performance, so there are just some things that aren’t done just for looks. There are a lot of pretty things out there, but the bottom line is performance. Finding that happy medium is always the goal, or it doesn’t leave the shop. – Colin Rigsby

Ryan Aden http://www.aldenpipes.com/

Alden Pipes are made by hand in Rowlett Texas. The pipes are made of Italian or Algerian Briar. I also offer MortaStrawberrywood and Olivewood pipes. I am fascinated by the endless beauty of natural materials, and offer accents of Ivory, Horn, Antler and a wide selection of native and exotic wood. -Ryan Alden

Texas Pipe Restoration

Mark Domingues – Lone Star Briar Works 

I learned pipe restoration out of necessity, buying estate pipes on eBay to build up my collection. For some unexplained reason, I gravitated to the classic shapes of the famed Irish maker Peterson. Although I have other makers in my collection, Peterson’s makes up the bulk. i was lucky enough to find Steve Laug’s blog “Reborn Pipes” and his massive library of restoration work. I learned enough to restore my own pipes and shared my work on the pipe forums. This evolved into people sending me their pipes in need of repair. My dedication to restoration perfection and putting customer service as my top priority has grown my business tenfold.