February Meeting and Slow Smoke

The Houston Pipe Club’s last meeting was a rousing success, with plenty of regulars in attendance and a few new faces thrown into the mix. For those who missed it, we had a “New Pipe Night” where members brought in their latest acquisitions to show off and share with the group. It was a true display of pipe envy and one-upmanship.

New Pipes on full display at last month’s meeting

But enough about last month, let’s talk about what’s coming up. This month, we’re taking the competition to the next level with our slow smoke competition on February 3rd at Stogies on Westheimer in Houston at 6:00 PM. Our friend Austin at the Briar Shoppe has blended the “Occidental Oriental” blend, a new creation sure to please the palate. And, as if the thrill of competition wasn’t enough, there will be prizes on the line, including a brand new Briarworks pipe and several tins of tobacco. So, sharpen your smoking skills and bring your own pipe to the event.

Let’s talk strategy. Our resident slow smoke champion, Joseph, will be showing off his skills and defending his title, but let’s not forget about Eric, the notorious slow smoke competition underperformer. Will Eric finally rise to the occasion or will Joseph reign supreme? Only time will tell. Be sure to listen to the Houston Pipe Cast’s new episode, “014: Defeating Your Enemy: The Slow Smoke,” for a behind-the-scenes look at the strategies and tactics being used by Eric and Joseph.

So, mark your calendars, bring your pipes, and join us for a night of slow smoking, tobacco, and sardonic humor. We’ll see you on February 3rd at Stogies on Westheimer in Houston at 6:00 PM.