HPC Meeting Friday June 7th

HPC will hold its June meeting Friday, June 7  @ 6:00 PM Stogies world class cigars. Address: 6100 Westheimer Rd #102, Houston, TX 77057 Come one come all!!    

I cant believe its been 4 years since Miller wrote this.

A. Miller Fridays tend to be rough, and this one is no different. I spend the whole day walking around a massive warehouse and studying new manufacturing techniques. I make copious notes about the complexities of laser cutting steel and welding aluminum. Then, after a long day of courting new clients in an uncomfortable environment, I’m…

November Meeting

HPC will hold its November meeting Friday, November 2  @ 6:00PM Stogies world class cigars Address: 6100 Westheimer Rd #102, Houston, TX 77057